Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love Designing Kitchens

I've recently been working on some various kitchen projects.
Kitchen project #1: This kitchen project includes space planning for a new kitchen and eat in area and also the drawings for the new cabinetry layout. The original kitchen layout was difficult to navigate (it looked somewhat like a maze) and didn't allow for flow or functionality. Also, right off the kitchen is a large deck that could serve as a great outdoor eating and entertaining space, but it was never used because the door to access the space was blocked off due to the odd kitchen layout. By providing the client with a functional layout and by enlarging the door to the deck the new kitchen will be well connected to the outdoor space, have room for more than one person in the kitchen at a time, contain more storage, and make cooking and clean-up a breeze, and all because of a functional layout! Here's a before pic. I'll keep you updated...

Kitchen project #2: This kitchen project is similar to the first but with this clients kitchen we are planning on keeping some of the cabinetry that is existing, but replacing a run of base cabinets, adding a new built in refrigerator and pantry, and new door fronts for the cabinets we are keeping. This clients kitchen is small but has nice high ceilings which provides the opportunity for added ceiling storage in the form of top boxes. The existing base cabinetry is not as functional as we would like it to be so we are replacing these cabinets with cabinets which offer more storage through the use of pull-out drawers, and also adding more functioning drawers by selecting a smaller sink (the existing sink is much too large for the space). I worked with the client to select the door style for the cabinets, and we will also be selecting new granite or marble countertops, and a new tile backsplash. I'll post pictures later of the "befores" and keep you updated on the progress! For now here are a few inspiration pictures we found. The cabinetry style pictured here is what we will be using for the cabinets.