Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drapery Fabrics

I really love the look of this fabric by F. Schumacher. I came across this first image of it used as drapery and really liked the pattern it creates. I'm always drawn to black and white and I think it's because I really enjoy the contrast. I can image this fabric working for many different projects and being used in many different ways. Here's just a few ways to use it:


F. Schumacher fabric
Chenonceau in Charcoal

Friday, April 15, 2011

Woodsy - Interior Design, Winchester, MA

I thought I'd share a little sneak peak of a bedroom project I've been working on. This happens to be a boys room and this particular boy happens to love the outdoors. The theme in the room before we started this project was definitely an outdoorsy one with a big border around the top of the room featuring bears, moose, wolves and maybe a few other creatures and a big mural on one wall of a moose in a pond! Sounds like every guys dream right? The only thing missing was a big deer head sticking out of the wall and a brown leather sofa.

 Anyways, the homeowners wanted to tone down on the "themeyness" of the room and do something a little more sophisticated for their son. So far the walls of the room have been painted in Farrow & Balls' Lamp Room Gray and Cole & Son's Woods wallpaper installed on the wall where the bed will sit. Next were moving on to furniture. We've already purchased West Elm's Jute rug in Clay and now were looking for a bed, dresser, and possible chair with ottoman. After that we'll do some accessorizing and get the room all styled up for the "Afters". Stay tuned, I'll be sharing those later.

Progress Shots:

Can everybody say YAY for Friday! Enjoy the weekend! 

christina marie

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

All the colors of the rainbow!

Maybe it's because Spring is finally come to New England but lately I've been so inspired to decorate with COLOR! Why is it that many of us New Englanders are scared to venture out and oh I don't know... try out a little color on the walls?! Color can cause us to feel many different ways and many times color can create such a cheerful, happy environment for us to live in. So why are we so scared to use it? Really, I'd love to hear some comments below about why you have a hard time with color. I think sometimes my clients feel nervous that they will grow tired of seeing a bold color on their walls for a long period of time. However, I'm not saying that color is only for the walls! I love to see color in the furniture choices, the window treatments, the accessories etc. and these things can all be changed after enough time has passed and your ready to change things up a bit.
So here's a collection of pictures I love that all have loads of color in them. Now tell me you wouldn't feel more energized and fun if you had one of these spaces to live in :)

If you're nervous about using color, an Entry is a great place to use some WOW colors. Nobody lives in their entry so you won't grow tired of the colors easily and it creates a great statement as the introduction to your home.

A great example of using color on the upholstery and accessories and not so much on the walls. The white walls balance out all the color happening in the furniture.

One large pop of color really changes the feeling of a neutral colored room!

I love this dining room. I'll take the whole thing please. Those blue chairs are so fun!

A great patterned wallpaper is a gorgeous way to turn your powder room into a jem!

This is just a dream.....

Love this color combination for a girl's room.

This blue is beautiful in this kitchen. I like how the designer has used a deeper blue on the island and a lighter version for the upper cabinets. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Professional Pictures - Interior Design, Boston, MA

I promised in my last post I would show you the professional pictures my photographer Maureen of Maureen Cotton Photography took of the kitchen. Here's one more look of the final results. (See the Before pictures here)

As you can tell from the Before pictures this kitchen was lacking in both storage and style. I'm loving how the new kitchen really plays up the architectural features in this space. Before that gorgeous brick wall was making the space feel dark and just looked plain odd becuase of the way it angles into the space. We played it up by using the dark grey cabinetry which picks up on the the darker color in the brick.  We also wanted this kitchen to be contemporary but balance it out with some warm traditional elements. We accomplished this by using a high gloss cabinet but paired it with a warm oak countertop. You can't really see it in the pictures but the countertop actually really helps to accent the wood beams that run along the ceiling. We kept the flooring and backsplash neutral to allow the brick wall to really stand out and not compete with it.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

christina marie

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