Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've been really busy working on client projects lately since summer is here and clients want their projects finished before the 4th. So just a random post about some little crafty projects I've been working on for fun and some pretty flowers. I was in my friends wedding this past weekend and the flowers were beautiful so since I love flowers I took a few pictures of them. They were mainly peonies and pink roses with a little greenery thrown in. The stems were left long and loose and it made them feel like they came right out of the garden.

I had to trim the stems for the vase but how pretty are these flowers on my mantle! I love fresh flowers in the house. No matter how beautiful your space is already fresh flowers always add to a space and make it feel extra special.

(What do you think of the drapes? I sewed them myself!)

And on another crafty note, I've been learning to knit with my husbands grandmother. I've know how to knit and pearl since I was in elementary school but I could never do more than make a scarf or blanket. I've been learning how to read a pattern and actually make some nice things! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make some useful homemade items and it's especially great for making baby gifts! So far I've completed a couple of dishcloths, socks, and a baby hat. I love knitting!!

What crafts and homemade projects do you like to make?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My husband and I visited Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester, MA this weekend and it was so inspiring to walk around and see the pretty scenery and stop in some art galleries. I took a few photos while we were there but I wish I took more.

Smith Cove

Love these horse finials!

The flowers are so pretty near the ocean and the colors that people use on their shops and houses are so fun!

I loved these little oil paintings of sand dunes. But at $350 each I may need to try and copy!

Sigrid Olsen has two shops on the Neck. This one has housewares and the other is her art studio/gallery.

The houses overlooking the harbour....awesome view!

A couple artists on the neck worth visiting:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Color Schemes

Since I have been working as a designer I have found that many people really struggle with choosing colors for their homes. Since I do a lot of color consultations I decided to start a blog series where I take inspiration from a photo and then turn that photo into a color scheme for a room using Benjamin Moore colors. I will be using photos that I have posted to my Pintrest Great Color Combinations inspiration board.

*The color swatches I post may not look like the exact color in the photo. This is due to monitor differences. It is best to look at the actual B. Moore paint chip - this is where I am taking my selections from.

Blue Stripe -  Benjamin Moore French Violet 1427
~Best for accent in the room, i.e use for upholstery, throw pillows, rug

White Stripe - Benjamin Moore Super White INT. RM
~Best for moldings, lamp shades, accessories (I didn't post a swatch because it would be invisible.)

Sand - Benjamin Moore Winds Breath 981
~Best for wall color

Water - Benjamin Moore Misty Gray 2124-60
~Best for painted furniture, side tables, chest, or coffee table

If anyone has any questions about how to use these colors or thoughts on what you would do with these colors I'd love to hear them! Also, if you have an inspriation photo that you'd like me to assign colors to send me an email and include the picture!

christina marie

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Creative With Photography

Lately I've been really into photography as art and the best resource I know for great affordable photography and art is Etsy.com. I used etsy to find all the photographs I used in my Boston wall gallery from this post. I love that all the photographs came from local artists who really know the city and that they all came from different people so the photography style is different for each one.
There are so many talented artists selling their photos on Etsy but I recently discovered Honeytree Photography and I love the style and subjects of her photographs. Also, she's offering 30% off her prints rights now! She also writes a lovely blog where she documents and highlights some of her photography. Here are some of my favorites:

Wouldn't these next 3 shots be so fun in a boys rooms for a "transportation" theme?!!

Love this enchanted forest shot!

This would be awesome blown up large and leaning against a wall.

Love this carousel in Paris. It would be so cute in a girls room.

This would be so pretty hanging above a dressing table or vanity.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Maybe I'm a little late to the party but I've recently discovered Pinterest.com. I love their concept! Basically you install their little Pin It button in your favorites bar and you can grab pictures from all over the web and put them directly on your boards! It's such a great way to keep track of images and ideas. You can create as many different boards and categoaries as you need to organize your pics. You can also check out other members boards too!
I just got started on my boards but right now I have two categories: My Style Board and Great Color Combinations. I'd love for you to follow me as I'll be adding to these daily. I especially think you may benefit from my Great Color Combinations board. On this board I'll be posting images that have color combinations that I think are perfect for using as inspiration for room decor. You could take these colors and turn them into inspiration for wall colors, furniture upholstery, or even a couple of throw pilows.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hanging Art: Gallery Style - Interior Design, Boston, MA - Brookline, MA

I installed a couple of art installations for clients recently. One client lives in a loft in the South End and has quite a large collection of art and photography. To get the most impact I like to create collections out of many different kinds of art and hang them together gallery style. First I go through and edit the grouping until I have a collection that looks good together. Usually I try to find common themes or colors in the artwork if all the frames are different. Then I create a composition on the floor before I start hanging:

I have found that making paper templates of the artwork and marking where the nail goes helps a lot when you're trying to hang everything. Just hang the paper template on the wall and put the nail where you have made the mark.

There are a couple empty spots on the right side because we are waiting for the frames.

The second client is the owner of a real estate business in Brookline, MA. I hung a gallery wall recently for him as well. This one was a bit trickier because everything needed to be centered and lined up perfectly on the wall. The paper templates came in handly for this project especially. I ordered these photographs from local artists on Etsy.com and had them framed. They are all shots of different Boston icons.

I've been working with the owner on this project for a while now. Here's a before and after of whats been done so far.

christina marie

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sneak Peaks - Interior Design, Needham, MA - Burlington, MA

I thought I'd share a couple sneak peaks for projects that I have in the works. Later this month I'll be with my photographer and doing some photo shoots for completed projects but for now I'll share just a few little shots that I took myself.

Before Shot of the window in an attic which was converted into a tv/playroom. This client did a great job choosing finishes for the space but it needed some softening with fabric. I helped the client select fabric and designed custom window treatments to soften the window. 

After: The drapes aren't hung right yet but you get the idea. We are changing the rod to a brushed nickel finish and hanging the drapes a bit lower so they just touch the floor. The header is a flat panel finish which is more relaxed and casual than doing a pinch pleat.

I am also having cushions sewn for the bench seat in the room. 

The Fabrics
Gray fabric = Bench cushion fabric
White fabric  = Piping for bench cushions and pillows
Multi = Window treatment fabric
Stripe = Bolster pillow fabric

Here's a peak at another project I'm currently working on. These pillows are for a family room/den I'm decorating in Needham, MA. I love these fabrics and colors together. The green pillow is a gorgeous velveteen with a delicate woven in design and the silver pillow is a silk geometric fabric. 

Detail shot of the rope trim I selected for the green pillow. It's hard to see but it has a green, silver, and gold thread and pulls in all the colors we are using in the space.

Can't wait to share the finished projects with you!

christina marie

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