Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Art

On Christmas Eve Ryan and I had the privilege of looking through his grandmothers house and picking something we wanted to keep. Grandma "M" started the tradition with her grandchildren that one their birthdays they can choose something from her house they would like to keep. We had fun looking over all our options and finally settled on a couple of items. I chose an oil painting of a scene from the Cayman Islands where Grandpa & Grandma M spent a lot of time during their retirement and Ryan chose a nice carved bust of Abraham Lincoln for his future office. The painting is really pretty and I just loved the colors and warm breezy feeling it captures of the islands. Thanks Grandma M I love it!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fashion: New Service by Style.Delivered - Winchester, MA


Before the holidays I designed and installed some holiday decorations for a couple of great ladies from Winchester, MA. While I was chatting with Susan I found out that she and her friend Maria O'Connor (whom I also decorated for) we're in the process of launching a new fashion and styling business of their own. I love fashion and style so I was immediatley interested to learn more. The business is called Style.Delivered and offers a variety of services from Wardrobe Consultations to Personal Shopping to Gift Giving Ideas. How many times have you woke up in the morning before work and looked at your wardrobe and thought, "I have nothing to wear!". Well these ladies can address that issue and a lot more with their wardrobe consultation where they will weed out the old, create new outfits with pieces you already own, and create a shopping list for pieces that are missing. This service could also make a great gift for say, your mom, or friend, who always wants help "organizing their closet" ;) Be sure and check them out!
And here's a look at a couple of (cell phone) shots of the holiday decor I installed for Susan's holiday party:

Dining Room Mantle Before:

Dining Room Mantle After:
I wish I had a shot with all the candlesl lit - I'm sure it was beautiful!

Living Room Mantle:
(Sorry no before)

Detail shot of cranberry topiary:

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Black & White, and a little something else...

I was so excited to receive interior designer Celerie Kemble's new book Black & White from my husband for Christmas. I have always loved Celerie Kemble's designs and I had her book on my wishlist. The book is an exploration on how Celerie limited her palette to black and white but within that palette there are still endless possibilities for decorating. The book also explores how limiting the color palette when approaching a decorating project can be liberating. Celerie says, "By mainting a hard line palettewise from the beginning, you can move forward without paralyzing indecision. The "paradox of choice" - that too many options freeze decison-making - is the essential problem of decorating in today's world."
I tend to find myself drawn to black and white as a basis for a room because of the timlessness of the palette and also because it is very easy to recreate the room simply by adding or changing a few items. There is no color on earth that does not look good paired with black or white and that allows for a space that can change and evolve with your taste and style.

A few of the pages from the book. The images are beautiful....

And the something else that I can't wait to wear. Thx Ry ;) I first learned about Meredith Jackson Jewelry from another bloggers giveaway post and I really loved her designs. Its simple but with beautiful details at the same time.... needless to say I was very happy when I opened these. 

What was your favorite Christmas present this year? Do tell!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bedroom Design - Interior Design, Lexington, MA

Yesterday, I installed a teenage girls bedroom in Lexington, MA that I posted earlier about here and I wanted to share some of the before and afters. I'll be having this project professionally photographed after the new year and some of those photos just might end up in an edition of Romantic Homes magazine. I was contacted by the editor and asked for some "romantic" type shots for a new feature they are running next year. Even though my style isn't necessarily "romantic" I would love for some of the shots to be featured in the magazine! I'll keep you posted!
These shots are definitely not professional but here's a look at some before and afters:

Before Shot: Closet/Dressing Area

After Shot: Closet/Dressing Area

Before Shot: Desk Wall

After Shot: Desk Wall

Desk Chair Before

Desk Chair After

Bedding Before

Bedding After

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday decorating and Interior Design... Winchester, MA

Sorry for the lack of posts.... hard to believe Thanksgiving was over two weeks ago! I've been busy wrapping up various clients projects and also been keeping extra busy with holiday decorating! It's been so much fun decorating for the holidays for current clients and for some new clients as well. Last week, I snapped a couple pictures of some holiday planters I designed and a mailbox I decorated for a new client.

I love the way fresh cut greenery can add so much warmth to a front entry! The dark blue/green of the fir looks especially nice with the beautiful wood front door. The holly berries add a pop of color and the leaves add nice texture. I used tall twigs in the center and spray painted them gold for some added height and drama.

I used pine roping on the mailbox post and then wired in fresh holly branches and gold berries for color and texture.

I also wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful stockings that my husbands grandmother knits for all her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all spouses. We've had ours for a few years now but I don't think I've ever shared a picture. I was able to choose which stocking I wanted from a pattern book that she has and I knew right away when I saw the beautiful stiching, white yarn, and ruffled top on this stocking that it would be the one! I look forward to hanging them every year and I even had my husband build me a faux fireplace so I would have somewhere to display them!

Ryan's stocking

Here's an idea for displaying all those Christmas cards that start arriving in the mail right about now. Just go outside and cut some smooth branches, put them in a jar and then use wire or ribbon to hang each card when it comes in the mail. So much better then letting them sit in a pile somewhere!

How do you like to display your cards?
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