Monday, January 23, 2012

Classic With A Twist

One of my favorite things about design these days is that we are not stuck in a certain "design period". Interior design has gone through many phases and periods and during these times designers (or architects then) tended to stick to the reigning design style of that period. Think Victorian, or Federal, or Art Deco. While I like certain elements and ideas from all these different periods I would find it dull to be limited to and only decorate within one design style. Today, we don't have as many "rules" of design but rather design is ruled by the individual and their personal taste. And yes, maybe you guessed it already, but this is called Eeclectic design. Eclectic design allows for many elements from all design eras to come together and work as a personal and unique design for each individual. Of course, just because eclecticism allows for a hodge podge of design eras in one space it doesn't mean that the basic principles of good design are out the window. It also doesn't mean that you can throw just any old thing together and say that it works because it is "eclectic". On the contrary, Eeclectic design takes even more skill to pull off because it is necessary to find common threads through color, shape, texture, or style in order to pull together pieces from many different times in history and make it look harmonious together.
I guess I went on a little rant about eclecticism but I wanted to share one combination of design styles that I personally like. I tend to stick to classic design as you know from this post but I like to mix in subtle elements from other design styles to keep the design interesting and keep it from becoming one-noted. One such combination I like is the mixture of Bohemian style in with classic architecture. So here are some images I compiled that have the Bohemian vibe I love both in interior design and fashion.

Love this traditional architecture with the mix of bohemian textiles and moroccan mirror.

Great colors! I love the wallcovering with the painting and the funky mix of bedding. (The graffiti is cool but a little much for me)

Love the skirt. So breezy and pretty.

I am so in loooove with this dress.

For the Bohemian bride. I love the sandals!

To whoever it is that actually has these parties - you are awesome.

I love the color and texture in this space. The rug gives that laid back Boho vibe.

Could I wear this for anything other than a wedding?

A bohemian beach picnic.

Love this blue velvet sofa with the mix of pillows. I have a thing for blue velvet sofas.

So what combinations of styles are you into?? I want to know!

christina marie

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  1. Yep I love eclecticism! (is that a word..) Totally into a mixture of boho and shabby chic... with some classic elements too. I've loved seeing random bits of Victorian style popping up lately - tufted sofas and high ceilings. :)