Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Florence Broadhurst & Kate Spade

I first noticed some of Florence Broadhurst's prints for interiors back in the fall and I really like some of her designs. Broadhurst was an Australian born in the early 1900s who became a wallpaper designer in the 1960s & 1970s and created many patterns for wallpaper and fabric which are popular again for use in interior design today. Her designs are large scale and glamorous but with an organic twist. Apparently, Kate Spade is liking them too because her spring 2012 collection is inspired by Broadhursts designs.

Broadhurst in the 1920s

Her Peacock Feathers wallpaper pattern

Broadhurst in her office in the 1960s. Love that wallpaper and her hair even matches!

Showroom showcasing her wallpaper and fabric designs

Her Small Ferns print for fabric and wallpaper

Solar Rug inspired by one of Broadhurst's designs

Kate Spade Spring 2012 inspired by Broadhurst designs

The entire Kate Spade collection for Spring

Liking the orange!

Kate Spade dinnerware inspired by Broadhurst
Broadhurst's designs are all produced by hand and are manufactured through Signature Handprints. If you are interested in purchasing any of her wallpaper or fabric please contact me for ordering.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Fabric & Trim

I've been doing a lot of fabric research lately for new projects I'm working on and I thought I'd share with you some of the fabrics and trims I'm liking at the moment. Most of these fabrics are available to the trade only and can be purchased through Christina Marie Interiors. Email me if you are interested. Fabric is one of my favorite parts of any room! There are so many options out there - and don't forget about using trim as part of your decorating projects! Adding trim to a plain roman shade or pillow adds so much personality and makes an "off the shelf" pillow anyone else might have uniquely yours! Check out some of my favorites below!

Fern Star in Yellow - Available Here

F. Schumacher trim - Available through Christina Marie Interiors
Bengal Bazaar by Kelly Wearstler - Available through CMI

Fig Leaves by Peter Dunham - Available through CMI

Nympheus recolored by Thomas O'Brien - Available through CMI

Samode by Mally Skok - Available through CMI

Trim Tape by Brunchwig & Fils - Available through CMI
Thistle by Lauren Liess - Available Here

Les Touches by Brunschwig & Fils - Available through CMI

Trim Tape by Schumacher - Available through CMI
Brunschwig & Fils Marquesas Linen - Available through CMI

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's Table Setting

I love parties. And I especially love decorating for parties! I love coming up with a theme and then finding ways to incorporate that theme into every part of the event. One especially good place to really make your party's theme pop is through the table setting. Here's a collection of table setting ideas I put together for inspiration for Valentine's Day.

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Monday, January 23, 2012


I discovered felt in college and it's become kind of a trend lately. I'm working on getting my Etsy shop HighlandFelt re-stocked for Spring with new felt wallhangings. I use the wet felt method to make the background piece and then I needle felt the design onto the backing. I like to frame these in open front shadow box frames and they make great little sculptural art for any room in the house. They look especially good hung in a series. Here's a sneak at what a couple of them look like and i'll keep you updated on when the shop will be opening again.

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Classic With A Twist

One of my favorite things about design these days is that we are not stuck in a certain "design period". Interior design has gone through many phases and periods and during these times designers (or architects then) tended to stick to the reigning design style of that period. Think Victorian, or Federal, or Art Deco. While I like certain elements and ideas from all these different periods I would find it dull to be limited to and only decorate within one design style. Today, we don't have as many "rules" of design but rather design is ruled by the individual and their personal taste. And yes, maybe you guessed it already, but this is called Eeclectic design. Eclectic design allows for many elements from all design eras to come together and work as a personal and unique design for each individual. Of course, just because eclecticism allows for a hodge podge of design eras in one space it doesn't mean that the basic principles of good design are out the window. It also doesn't mean that you can throw just any old thing together and say that it works because it is "eclectic". On the contrary, Eeclectic design takes even more skill to pull off because it is necessary to find common threads through color, shape, texture, or style in order to pull together pieces from many different times in history and make it look harmonious together.
I guess I went on a little rant about eclecticism but I wanted to share one combination of design styles that I personally like. I tend to stick to classic design as you know from this post but I like to mix in subtle elements from other design styles to keep the design interesting and keep it from becoming one-noted. One such combination I like is the mixture of Bohemian style in with classic architecture. So here are some images I compiled that have the Bohemian vibe I love both in interior design and fashion.

Love this traditional architecture with the mix of bohemian textiles and moroccan mirror.

Great colors! I love the wallcovering with the painting and the funky mix of bedding. (The graffiti is cool but a little much for me)

Love the skirt. So breezy and pretty.

I am so in loooove with this dress.

For the Bohemian bride. I love the sandals!

To whoever it is that actually has these parties - you are awesome.

I love the color and texture in this space. The rug gives that laid back Boho vibe.

Could I wear this for anything other than a wedding?

A bohemian beach picnic.

Love this blue velvet sofa with the mix of pillows. I have a thing for blue velvet sofas.

So what combinations of styles are you into?? I want to know!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Elements of Classic Design: Selecting Furnishings

Wow... its been a week since I last posted, but as promised I'm back with another post in my series Elements of Classic Design. Last week, I mentioned I was going to discuss choosing a sofa but I've decided to back up a little bit and lay a little more groundwork first. In my last post I also mentioned that I like to create rooms that are classic. I do this because many of us don't have the time or resources to redecorate our space when the trends change and suddenly that once awesome floral sofa somehow just doesn't seem as....well,......awesome. However, in this post I want to show you how to design your space so that it has a timeless feel and therefore has the flexibility necessary to make inexpensive changes that really change the look and feel of the space whenever the urge hits.  And, the best way for me to show you this is through pictures.
Oh, one other thing that I have not discussed yet but will in a later post is the importance of interior architecture and how it relates to achieving a successful classic design. By interior architecture, I mean the bones or walls of your space and what "architectural" elements are going on in the room. Interior architecture really sets the backdrop and tone for any space and without some interesting details like molding, bookshelves, or a fireplace a space can feel really flat even if your furnishings are great. But don't worry, not everyone has high ceilings, and beautiful moldings so I'll talk later about ways you can add these types of details.......oh, and without moving houses.

This living room by Rita Konig features an antique sofa that she had reupholstered in a neutral fabric. She gives the room personality by using colorful artwork, throw pillows in trendy patterns, and colorful accessories on her classic shaped coffee table. Think how easily you could change these items to reflect your pesonality. You can do this inexpensivly by shopping thrift stores and flea markets and would have an entirely different look while still keeping the major pieces of furniture.

Not all of your major piece need to be tan or white. A navy velvet chair is still a neutral color and goes with virtually every color in the rainbow. The key to having accent chairs in a color other than cream is to choose wisely and select a color that still works as a neutral. Those gold pillows could easily be green or lavender or any other color for that matter.

This space is a combination of black+cream+white and some small pops of color throughout. When you think of classic design it doesn't necessarily mean that all the furniture pieces must be traditional. This space mixes a traditional sofa with some contemporary barcelona chairs and eames lounge. They have kept the space classic and flexible by using neutral colors on the major pieces. Again, if you tire of contemporary art above the fireplace it could easily be changed to a more traditional oil painting and the lamps could change from traditional to more contemporary styles all without changing any of the chairs, sofa, or tables because these pieces are classic and never go out of style.

This dining room is all traditional classic until you come to the chairs. What a great way to "update" a traditional dining room and make it fresh and a bit younger feeling.

Wallcoverings are a great way to add flair to a classic arrangment in a foyer and are also easily changed once you've grown tired of them. The chest, lamps, art, and chair are all classic pieces but image how you could change the feel of this foyer by switching out the lampshades for a punch of color and the chair could easily be reupholstered in a print or patent leather for even more drama.

Another room with great classic pieces that can eaily be transformed with printed draperies, pillows, and art.

I love this space. It combines a fantastic mix of traditional, contemporary, and ethnic pieces. The artwork and the gold tables, add some punch to the space and could be switched out for something different.

Neutral, classic, and relaxed this space has lots of options for making changes. Seasonally, you could use brighter pastels in spring, orange & browns in fall, and blues and creames in winter. So many possibilities!

Look how this spaces uses collections, and accessories to create it personality. Take away all the "stuff" and your left with a clean pallette to take wherever you wish.

Another way to use a wallcovering to give a classic room some punch. Take down the wallcovering and your ready for some colorful art or bright pillows.

Next Friday I'll be discussing interior architecture and how to get some if you don't have some :) Have a great weekend!


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